The Benefits of a Wool Blend Suit


Choosing which fabric a suit is made of is one of the most significant choices one must make when investing in a new suit. Factors such as cost, breathability, wearability and care levels are all influential in making the final decision.


Whilst most people would agree that a wool suit is the zenith of men’s clothing, the harsh weather conditions in Australia means that it is not the most practical material to wear, especially in the blistering summer heat.  Enter the wool-blend suit: a mix of wool and often polyester, which provides the added benefits of both fabrics.


Wool is naturally water and dirt resistant, as well as being extremely durable, making it the perfect long-lasting option for a suit. Additionally, wool easily maintains its shape and is also incredibly breathable. Even when blended with other materials, wool still maintains many of its advantages. Keep in mind that blended fabrics may change some of the make-up of the suit, potentially making it slightly less breathable and dirt resistant. However, the addition of another type of fabric has many benefits, including a highly reduced cost. Wool-blended fabrics are far cheaper, whilst still being exceptionally durable and wrinkle-resistant.


So the next time you are deliberating what type of suit to purchase, consider a wool-blend. Not only does it provide many of the advantages of wool, such as durability and minimal care, but it also maintains a much lower price point, making it a perfect economic investment that will last you many years to come.