Bold Colours

Although the temperatures are still cool, it is never too early to start considering and preparing your warmer weather wardrobe. Not only should you switch to clothes that make you feel cooler, but it is also time to start passing on the black and navy in favour of brighter colours. Injecting more colour into and expanding your palette doesn't have to be scary. Read ahead on how to easily incorporate colour this Summer.



Re-discover pink’s not so feminine charms and explore its subtler faces: think peach, rose and salmon. One of pink’s best assets is its versatility. A pink shirt will pair easily with black or blue jeans, sand or navy shorts or even green chinos.



Green might just be the new black. Not only does this colour sit well with most others, green also reads less obviously gendered than other bright colours. So, unlike pink, you can pile it on without fear of prompting digs from your mates.



As with pink, yellow works best toned-down (unless it covers just a couple of square inches in total, in which case you can even try canary). Think less hi-vis vest, more muted mustard.



Red is typically associated with energy, power and strength. It is a smart choice for punching up your bold colours quotient if yellow is too far out of your comfort zone. Opt for darker tones such as crimson and ruby, as these are universally flattering.