Avoiding the Top 3 Fashion Mistakes

With so many styles, prints and trends to choose from in the modern world of men’s fashion, it is easy for beginners to lose themselves and neglect the fundamental fashion rules. Without further ado, read ahead on how to avoid the top three fashion mistakes before you venture further down the sartorial rabbit hole.

The Oversized Suit

Unfortunately, most men tend to wear ill-fitting suits, usually a size or two too large for them. Oversized suits, or any type of oversized clothing for that matter, looks sloppy and detracts from a well put together ensemble.

The Fix: Read our previous articles on nailing the correct fit of your clothing items.

Untucked Office Shirts

Taking an office shirt and leaving it untucked with a pair of jeans gives off an unsophisticated vibe, communicating to others that you either do not know how to dress yourself or you lack any care about how you dress.
The Fix: Take more casual button up shirts and tuck them into your trousers/shorts.

Bad Trouser Breaks

Avoid any pooling around the ankles and scuffle to your trusty tailor to give all your trousers a slight break. Only the smallest of folds at the front of the trousers is needed, with them reaching halfway down the back of your shoe heel.
The Fix: Befriend your nearest tailor for the best long-term relationship you will ever have.